The Making: Artistic Collections

Brandon Profile.png

Artistic Collections, created by CEO & owner Brandon Todd, is an urban fashion brand dedicated to pushing the urban culture look and developing unique pieces. Here at Artistic Collections we pride ourselves on producing quality products and creative designs while adding our own personal artistic flare. We truly believe that art is expression & expression is freedom. 



1. What/Who inspires your designs?

My biggest inspiration I would have to say is life; we encounter artistic images everyday. You have to take a moment in between the minutes in the day to actually realize it. I draw inspiration from everything I come across visually, whether it be a flyer I see or picture my son drew. I try to be as creative as possible with my designs, using everyday life as fuel to my passion.

2. Who is Brandon Todd?

Honestly I'm just me, to put it simply. I'm a free spirit with an out-going personality. I am pretty much laid back but very expressive, and I think that shows in my art. I'm dedicated to succeeding in life and I'm overly ambitious if there's such a thing. Put it like this, I'd rather go out and get it myself rather than wait for a hand out. I'd rather learn from my failures, rather then be told how to do it right the first time. Stubborn yes, but also driven. My experiences have made me the man I am today.

3. How often do you design?

 I design everyday either on photoshop or in my sketch pad because I am constantly looking to improve my craft. I live by the saying of Malcom Gladwell, "10,000 hours of deliberate practice is needed to be world class at any field." 

4. Are you working on any other projects outside of Artistic Collections?

 Currently Artistic Collections is the only thing I'm working on, I am solely focused on designing and building the brand.